Tool development

Innovations are our hobbyhorse

New mobility concepts, new drive technologies, increasing demands on ergonomics and innovative materials - every industry thrives on progress and innovation. In maintenance and repair, existing tools are usually no longer sufficient. Appropriate tools or tool sets must be developed to provide a permanent solution to a new application problem.

WILBÄR takes a close look at every application and develops the required tool for you - with metallurgical expertise, maximum precision and comprehensive advice. We have access to a CAD library with several thousand products and use state-of-the-art project and development tools such as 3D modeling. Newly developed tools are put through their paces in our specially equipped test room. In the end, only one thing counts: the perfect solution for your application problem. Your advantage: You have a durable tool solution for more efficient use

Three Kukko employees stand in the laboratory and discuss a product

Tool production

Tailor-made and perfectly produced

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