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Downtime means losses. The reliability of machines is becoming increasingly important.


The digital revolution is changing our industrial landscape and the availability of machines is becoming increasingly important. At Wilbär, we ensure that downtime does not become an emergency.

General maintenance is particularly important in order to avoid unplanned repairs as far as possible. WILBÄR focuses on your maintenance processes with the aim of optimizing them in their entirety. For example, repair application areas are becoming increasingly tight. With our tailor-made concepts, our customers reduce costly downtimes and guarantee rapid maintenance if the worst comes to the worst.


We are all craftsmen at heart. We know that there is hardly anything more important in the workshop than high-quality, practical tools. This saves time and creates the qualitative edge that counts across all industries today.

A train passing through the station


Rail transportation connects cities, regions and countries. It is the backbone of modern mobility. This makes it all the more important to avoid standstills.

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